When you are looking to purchase a yacht, there are many options available you can consider, and you will need to do plenty of research on the best brands to buy. You will want something that looks fantastic and has the performance you require, but you will also need to consider the resale value of any yacht you buy when you want to upgrade it. Below are some of the best brands available in the yachting world that you may want to consider purchasing.

Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts is a British brand that has been in manufacture since 1964, and the company has around 3000 employees currently. They make a wide variety of high-quality motor yachts perfect for first-time owners. You can customise their vessels to ensure you have the ideal yacht for your needs, and they have some beautiful options from which you can choose.

Richmond Yachts

Richmond Yachts are an American company, but their vessels are made in the city of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Don Davis, a wealthy Texas entrepreneur, started the company after buying his first yacht a few years previously, and they currently build luxurious yachts between 120-159 feet in length. They have a wide variety of vessels available, with everything that a yacht owner could need, and you can customise the features your craft has when buying one new.

Benetti Yachts

Benetti Yachts is a boatyard with a prestigious history, and they have been making vessels since 1873. The company has won multiple awards, including the Boats International magazine number one shipyard six times consecutively. They have numerous shipyards and build various types of vessels, so there is something for everyone who wants to own a yacht, no matter how big or small.

Oceanco Yachts

Oceanco Yachts is a Dutch company, and they are known worldwide for making high-quality and luxurious vessels that many millionaires would love to have. They have also won multiple awards, and they strive to make efficient vessels using the latest technologies and make their yachts as environmentally friendly as possible. However, you will need plenty of money to buy and own one of their vessels, and they only make them over 100 feet, with their largest crafting being a whopping 361 feet long.

These are some of the most popular yacht manufacturers worldwide, but there are others that make beautiful vessels. If you are in the market to buy one for yourself, visit your local yacht broker today and see what luxury vessels they have available.