When your family is moving to Bangkok, and your child will be attending Kings College International School, there is a lot of preparation you will need to do. You can help make the transition as painless as possible by preparing things before your child starts school and getting them ready for their new adventure. Below are some tips to help you prepare your child for their new school to help you settle into Bangkok quickly and ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

Finding The Ideal Place To Live

You will want to look for an apartment for rent near Kings College that will help reduce the daily commute of your child. Getting around Bangkok can be slow going, and you do not want your child to have to spend hours commuting each way, which will make for a long day for them. There are plenty of excellent apartment options close to the school, which can help ensure your child will settle in quickly to their new school. Find an apartment perfect for your family, and you can all start enjoying your new life in Bangkok.

Get Their Uniform

You will also need to ensure you get the uniform ready for your child before they start attending the school, and you may need to get it altered, so it fits correctly. You will need to speak to the school about the uniform and see if this is something they can supply, or they can recommend where to go to buy it. You will need to get them a PE kit as well as a uniform, and you may need to get them several of each item of the unfirm, so they always have one that is clean, and they can wear.

Buying Their School Supplies

Once you have the uniform sorted, there are other supplies your child will need when attending school. They will need a suitable bag or backpack and plenty of classroom supplies for class. You will need to get them a pencil case, pens, pencils, a maths set, a calculator, and other items they will use in their classes. You can get a comprehensive list of what your child will need from the school and head to Central Plaza Rama 3 to get everything required.

You should now be set for your child to attend their new school, where they will hopefully make lots of friends and get an excellent education.