If you are looking for an excellent holiday destination to try and forget about the global pandemic, you may want to consider Thailand, which has plenty to offer visitors. It is a beautiful tropical destination with warm-friendly people, deliciously spicy food, and lots of things to see and do to keep you entertained. Below are some of the top destinations to visit in Thailand to ensure you have a fantastic holiday and take home plenty of beautiful memories.

Visit Phuket

Phuket is in the south of Thailand and is a popular holiday destination for many holidaymakers. There are plenty of Phuket hotel package deals available to allow you to stay in relative luxury for a surprisingly affordable price. There are also lots to see ad do when visiting Phuket, with animal attractions, waterparks, and island tours, or you can relax on a private beach or enjoy a wonderful massage.

Visit Chiang Mai

If you are not bothered about a beach and want a chilled holiday in beautiful surroundings, a visit to Chiang Mai is ideal. It is the provincial capital and has a beautifully reconstructed moat which is a homage to the Lanna history of the people of Chiang Mai. Although it is small, there are plenty of accommodation options in Chiang Mai, from 5-star luxury to cheap guest houses, and there are also lots to see and do. If you are going on holiday in Thailand for a couple of weeks or more, ensure you visit Chiang Mai, and you will undoubtedly not regret it.

Visit Samui

Koh Samui is another fantastic holiday destination you may love to explore, and it is an island in the Gulf of Thailand popular with international and domestic tourists. There is a variety of accommodation available, and there are some beautiful parts so the island where you can stay. Some parts are livelier than others, so it depends on what you want from your holiday as to where you should get a hotel or resort. There is plenty of information available online about what Samui has to offer, and it is the perfect destination for a relaxing beach holiday.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is the first-holiday resort in Thailand which was made famous by the royal family, and many international and domestic tourists travel there each year. It is around a three drive from Bangkok, so it is simple to get to, and you can get a taxi direct from the airport to this quaint coastal town. There is a variety f different types of accommodation available, so something suitable for all budgets. There are also plenty of things to see and do and lots of water sports available, and you can also enjoy one of the many courses in the area if you love to play golf.