Kolkata is renowned for more than just its rustic buildings and captivating sceneries. It has evolved into an intriguing modern city that still has its roots deep in its culture and eccentricities. Moreover, it is earning the name of a romantic city with a peaceful and alluring atmosphere, with a number of spots that cater to couples who are looking for the perfect date. From the hotels in Calcutta, to the quaint parks and bridges, every location in the city of joy will make for an exciting and romantic escapade from your normal lives.

  • Princep Ghat

This idyllic riverside location has always been a favourite of the locals, and presents the perfect setting for romantic dates with its scenic beauty and cool breeze. The riverfront is well-maintained and a good place for a walk and a private boat ride to relish the sight of the Ganges is always recommended. The best time to visit would be the evening, when the place is lit up. You can also experience the sunset and watch the evening split into a palette of colours at the horizon. The ambience is such that you will want to come to the place again and again to enjoy the backdrop of nature against some wonderful artchitecture.

  • Eco Park

If you prefer to be active and do something different on your date, then you can head over to Eco Park to plan the perfect adventure. Eco Park offers a confluence of nature and sport and brings a different flavour to your outing. You can indulge in a variety of activities including kayaking, paintball, boating, zorbing and archery while in an atmosphere that is serene, amidst musical fountains and well-maintained lawns. You would not notice time slipping by even if you spend the whole day here with your date.

  • The Bridge in The Floatel

This breathtaking location boasts of an amazing view of the river as well as the flickering city lights in the distance. An open-air dining space with delectable food and an unforgettable ambience are sure to give you some memories to cherish. Even the air aboard the deck is romantic, and the beautiful surroundings just make the experience better.

  • Victoria Memorial

Perhaps one of the most famous monuments of Kolkata itself, the Victoria Memorial is a gem in the colonial history of the city. Whilst its prestige as a tourist spot is understandable, what makes the location worthy of a date would be the sprawling lush gardens with water bodies and flowers. There are also walkways interspersed with statues. You can always explore the place to get a glimpse of the rich history. Plan your visit at night for an exquisite night under the brilliantly lit up monument, and if you are going on a winter evening, do not miss the light and sound show. Also, do not forget to indulge in some puchkas and some of the local cuisine outside the gates of the memorial. To add some spark to the date, take a horse carriage ride around the place and end the date on a great note.

  • Cafe Ekante

For all the couples out there who are foodies, you should consider visiting Cafe Ekante. The place can fix up some amazing Bengali cuisine at reasonable prices. You can take a ferry ride to get to this restaurant which is an island restaurant. Finally, the destination might just be more important than the journey. Enjoy some fine dining by the lake, for an unparalleled food date experience.

Kolkata is truly a different city, and visiting it should definitely be on your list. For those wondering about destination weddings, banquet halls in Kolkata for marriage could be your answer. There is no dearth of incredible locations sprinkled throughout the city and the grand history of the place might just prove an interesting background for your wedding.