People sometimes, and especially women, tend to overpack when traveling somewhere. Why do we do that? No one knows! In order to avoid the mistake of overpacking and not knowing what to do with all the stuff that you brought with you, here is a list of 10 items every woman needs when traveling.

Travel Briefcase

When you travel a lot because of work or just because you want to explore the world having a proper travel briefcase can be of the utmost importance. If you like to keep your fashion standards high investing in best wheels briefcases for women will be the right move.

Wheeled briefcases can be the perfect substitute for those large and heavy suitcases and for duffle bags who aren’t as stylish as cases. And their advantage is not only in being stylish they are also highly functional, light and you won’t have to pay additional fees on airplanes.

Sewing Kit

You don’t have to be a sewing expert to own a sewing kit. Sometimes you just don’t want to waste your money on a new pair of underwear when there’s only a little hole on them somewhere.

Or maybe you found yourself in an extremely expensive place and buying yourself a new T-shirt just isn’t an option. That’s where a sewing kit comes really handy. If you practice your sewing skills will become much better and no one will even notice there was a small hole. It’ll just be your little secret.

Water Bottle

Plastic bottles should be banned for good. They are not good for the environment, they pollute our oceans and are overall bad for storing practically anything let alone water you basically need to survive!

Wherever you go there’s (almost) always free drinkable water. You won’t have to waste your money and you will help save the environment if you invest in a reusable glass water bottle. They might get a little pricy but just think about how it will affect your health and the overall world. Every change starts with you.

Travel Pillow

They are just so great! Especially if you have to travel for many hours. Your poor neck gets sore and stiff from all of that uncomfortable sitting. And if you do travel a lot just imagine what that does to your health!

So investing in a simple travel pillow can be really beneficial for you. You’ll be able to sleep more comfortably or rest your neck while reading on the plane. Try to find a cotton pillow in order to avoid any breakouts or blemishes.

Sleep Mask

Another great item for a good night’s sleep. If you have problems fallng asleep in places that have even a tiny bit of light you know what your next move should be. It’s been scientifically proven that people who sleep in the dark rest better.

Thisi leads to your feeling of happiness during the day. If you had a good night’s sleep everything seems better in the morning. The best sleep masks are made from silk so if you do want to invest in one look for those made from this material.


While you’re traveling or staying in a hotel or an apartment you never know what kind of neighbors you’re going to get. Which can be absolutely annoying if you have some work to do or just want some peace and quiet.

Complaining to the manager or the neighbors may cause them to stop the noise but if you just don’t want that kind of stress in your life buy yourself some earplugs. Your traveling experiences will become much easier.


Can’t go anywhere without your most precious toiletries right? But to avoid overpacking stuff you won’t really use make a list of things you use regularly. So naturally, you will want to pack your toothbrush, hair comb, maybe some hair accessories (hair ties or bobby pins) deodorant and shampoo.

Now depending on the weather, you should also consider bringing sunscreen. If you regularly moisturize your face then you absolutely must pack your lotions. Good hand cream is always welcome. And don’t forget to pack your favorite makeup and makeup remover.

First Aid Kit

A first-aid kit is probably one of the most important things on this list! It doesn’t matter if you are going to a jungle or a urban city having a first aid kit can not only help you but also someone in need.

You should pack your regular medicine (if you take any of course) and consider packing some antiseptics, painkillers, cleaning gauze, bandage tape, sterile dressings plasters, tweezers and scissors. Once you’ve packed your first aid kit you are safe to go.


Long plane rides can get pretty exhausting as well as walking when sightseeing. That’s why you should always remember to bring some nice yummy snacks! Just remember to make them be as healthy as they are yummy!

But if you sneak a chocolate bar here or there no one will judge you. We are all suckers for chocolates and sweets. Just remember to also pack an apple on some nice homemade sandwiches made from whole wheat bread, some hummus and goat cheese.

Notebooks and pens

Maybe you are the kind of woman who loves to write or journal. Maybe you haven’t tried journaling before and think this is a great opportunity to do so. Either way, having a nice notebook and some beautiful colorful pens will inspire you to write.

When you come to your apartment or hotel room after a long day of walking and experiencing a lot of stuff you will probably want to reflect little on all the things you just saw. One day when you open that notebook and see what you’ve written you’ll be glad you did.


Hopefully, this list has given you an idea of what are the most essential items for a woman on the go! If you can’t remember the whole list write it down somewhere and start packing!