Generally, any time of the year is considered great to visit Colorado’s well-known city – Glenwood Springs. However, depending on the type of experience you are seeking, certain times are just better than others. For instance, if you want to get out and engage in fun activities, spring is your time. Here we have covered everything you must know about visiting Glenwood Springs in springs – the best time to visit this fascinating destination.

Glenwood Springs in Springs!

The famous Hot Springs of the city can be visited around the year, but when you visit the city during spring time, there are several other fun things you can do. Besides, you need not to worry about lodging either. Affordable Inns Hotel in Glenwood Springs, CO is always welcoming. The hotel is located at a short distance from the famous Hot Springs Pool, and efficiently caters to various needs of their guests.

Fun spring time activities you can try:

If all you want is to go out and play, Glenwood Springs in Colorado Mountains is just the right place to be during spring time. Here are a few things you can do…


You can enjoy hiking on several different types of trails and have fun in the river. Try taking a hike on the Red Mountain. However, if you want lesser crowd around, take a trek to the Hanging Lake.


Rafting activity is open by the second week of April. Take up a guided whitewater rafting in the Colorado River and enjoy the scenic beauty of Glenwood Canyon.


Fly right from the top of the Red Mountain and have a one of a kind paragliding experience. The view of the Roaring Fork Valley will definitely spellbind you.


If you are travelling with family, a bike ride is something you shouldn’t miss. Check out the Glenwood Canyon Recreation Path or the Rio Grande Trail.

Glenwood Adventure Park

It is one of the fun attractions to visit with family in America, and only mountaintop theme park. Take the cave tour and be brave enough to try every thrilling ride here. Also, don’t forget you will have to ride the brand new Glenwood Gondola to get to the park.

Hot Springs

Last but not at all the least, the springs are the right time to enjoy the famous hot springs of the city. The temperature is well-suited and thus you can enjoy soaking with sunning.

So, you see, Glenwood Springs is just magical during springs. Now, wait no longer and make your bookings right away.