When you are all set to go out for a vacation during the forthcoming Holidays, are you wondering about where to keep your dog? If you are not keen on getting a roaming kennel for the canine or if you are traveling abroad, then you will not be able to take the pet with you. This is the high time when should think about keeping your canine in a nearby dog hotel in Phoenix or in any other area.

Here are a couple of things listed that will give you’re a quick and vivid picture of the services they ensure. Your dog will be happy and comfortable without any doubt-

Separate room and ample space to play

Your dog can get a separate room with comfortable beds and toys. You can also provide its personal bed and toys if the crèche allows. Else, they will provide your furry friend with all the comforts that he/she needs. Also, they can get co-boarders as their friends. They can play in the front yard and can spend quality time with trainers or groomers.They will offer food and medicines

The workers in the kennel will offer ample food and water to your pet. If it follows a particular diet they will do accordingly. If your furry friend is expecting, then also they can take good care of the pet too. Besides, they have medicinal aids that they can easily access the ailing dog.

Take out your dog for a walk

If you take your dog out for a walk in the morning or in the evening, do let them know about it. The boarding workers will take the dog out for a walk. Besides, the trainers also help them to exercise.

Grooming is included

At the boarding, your dog will be cleaned regularly. Depending on the demands, they will bathe the dog. Often good kennels add grooming in the package service or charge separately if you ask them to freshen up your dog.Senior suits

Reputed dog hotels or boarding have the allocation of suits especially designed and monitored for the senior dogs. Usually, the senior dogs don’t prefer the nuisances created by the puppies and younger dogs. That’s why they prefer living in separate suits with a nice bed and proper food offered to them. Even the dogs healing after surgery, are kept in the rooms for proper care.

These are the reasons for keeping your dog in a dog boarding.