With the gradual penetration of technology in almost all sectors, obtaining the desired objects and services at our doorstep no longer remains a big deal. Whether it’s the food we order or our favorite gadget or kitchen equipment, we no longer need to rush to a restaurant or a market to acquire it.

Besides, with an app available to download, we can choose from a wide variety in every area. For instance, you might want to learn a language, book a restaurant, play a game, make an investment, learn about the weather, or keep abreast of the latest happenings; you have multiple apps for each one of the activities.

Likewise, if you plan on a holiday, you have many travel apps before you. Besides travel apps, which allow you to book tickets, flights, and rides in advance, you also have the option of apps that are exclusively on train ticket booking.

You can’t deny that purchasing a ticket at the railway station is so tiresome a chore that you gawk at merely the thought of doing it. However, technology (read mobile apps) has made that more manageable too. Therefore, a train ticket booking app is heaven-sent for most of us.

Although we might well be aware of its advantages, let us look at how it has made life much simpler for us.

Easy access

It’s possible to access a train booking app wherever you are and at any time since you merely have to download it on your smartphone and begin using it. At the same time, it also saves your time and energy since you don’t need to wait your turn in a long queue.

On the other hand, railway ticket booking using the mobile app may not require you to produce a printed version, making it even more convenient.

Ensures safe and secure payments

You might be apprehensive about making the payment via the internet. However, these apps guarantee you safety on that front, and besides, you can do so using your debit or credit card or in several other ways.

Knowledge about the status

A train ticket booking app has the added advantage of providing you information regarding the current status of your train, like at which station it is right now, how long it can delay, the platform no., and the like. If your GPS is working, you can track these details without even the internet.

Confirm PNR status

These apps also come in handy if you wish to know about the PNR status, especially if you are on the waiting list. Furthermore, it also helps you determine the probability of your ticket getting confirmed.

Station Alert

Another feature of an app is that you can set the alarm for when the train arrives at your desired station. As a result, you can get over the fear of missing your station since you will get a reminder on its arrival.


Your app may also have a separate section focusing on railway news and entertainment. It may also offer mobile games and radio services for you to enjoy lighter moments. Moreover, train booking is much more convenient and speedy when done using an app. Added to it is that it gives you the option of choosing your preferred regional language besides the widely used ones, i.e., Hindi and English. A train ticket booking app may have the added privilege of allowing you to pay later for the booking.