Thailand, the land of smiles, it is on so many people’s bucket list that we have lost count! It is a bag packers heaven and a honeymoon daydream. Whatever it is you are seeking, it has something for everyone. From adventure and thrill seekers climbing on Railay Beach, to mindfulness gurus residing in Pai, Thailand has it all. However, there is one place in Thailand that has been rising in popularity among tourists recently. That is Phuket. Phuket is an island in the south of Thailand, just below the mainland. It is a sunny paradise lined with palm trees and sandy beaches. Not many people know an awful lot about Phuket, therefore, this article is here to help. Buckle up, exchange your currency to Thai baht and get ready, here are some of the best things to do in Phuket.

Visit Big Buddha

Sitting on top of a hill that looms over the Kata Beach area of Phuket is a ginormous Buddha. Marble white and sitting in smiley contemplation, the Big Buddha is a must when you visit Phuket. Once you have climbed up the 100+ steps to the top of the Buddha, you will be greeted with one of the most amazing panoramic views you will ever see. This is no lie. Keep in mind, you must dress accordingly. This means no short skirts for girls and no shorts above the knees for guys. Despite being sweaty, you must be respectful, therefore remember to put your top back on once you have climbed the steps or keep it on for the whole thing.

Try Some Surfing

Although Thailand may not be hailed as one of the most popular surfing destinations, its best is being offered in Phuket. Kata Beach is the best beach in Thailand to surf. With tourists from all over the world coming here to try out the waves there is a good set up to accommodate. you can rent boards on the beach and hire instructors for a good price.

Party in Patong

You will have to try the heart of Phuket’s nightlife. Patong Beach is where it is at. Our recommendation is to stay at Patong Beach Hotel, it has the best of both worlds; close to the party but then also quiet enough to rest.

There you have it, some ideas that you can try when you make the jump to visit Phuket. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.