As we bathe in the hot Australian summer, you might be wondering what your teenage kids are going to do with all that time off school; one thing is for sure, you can’t let them stay at home for weeks on end, which leads us to study travel groups that are designed with teenagers in mind. These expeditions are designed to put the students in control, with multi-age groups that work together for common goals.

Structured Travel Curriculum

The team of active learning educators develop a sustainable travel curriculum that includes measuring the emissions that the entire trip will generate, while looking for practical ways to further reduce emissions. The group get first-hand experience of the environmental issues that local people face, plus they actively support the community with a range of projects that are sustainable. Indeed, many expedition tours involve working on local farming projects, so the students get to experience how life is for a farmer.

Learning by Doing

Also known as active learning or experiential learning, this is the best way for a child to learn; there is much evidence as the result of researching learning that hands-on learning offers the best in terms of learning outcomes. When your kids sign up for a course that uses a travel and tourism curriculum, this would be very useful if they are interested in a career in the tourism sector.

Sports & Travel Combined

Teenagers need a way to release all the energy that puberty brings and there’s nothing better than sports to engage young people; when combined with travel, the students enjoy a rich cultural experience. If your son is a talented footballer who is ahead of his years skill wise, enrol him in a soccer travel tour and see his game improve and mature, while encountering a strange culture that broadens the mind.

Climate Change Awareness

It is imperative that the up and coming generations have a good understanding of what is happening to our blue planet and sustainable travel study tours do just that, and so much more. The students learn how to calculate emissions with air travel, train and ship transportation, while also adding up the total emissions during the study trip. It isn’t all gloom and doom for the environment and your kids can be part of the solution by working on a sustainable study tour.

Book now, as these travel study courses are quickly booked up and you don’t want your teenage child to miss out.