Train journey offers the best combination of fast, comfortable, and relaxing travel while saving money.

Convenient: Travelling alone or with your family is very convenient. Booking a train can be done using a train ticket booking app. Although, the one that is most efficient and affordable for booking is your preferred choice. In addition, there are a lot of food stalls at the station. You only have to carry your ticket and your ID. There is no need to bring any other documents along.

Making connections: Having access to a charger while travelling ensures you remain connected with family and friends. You can use your phone and laptop while travelling by train whereas, on a plane, you have to switch it off. Along the way, you have the opportunity to discover small towns. If you wish to travel further, you can visit one of these small towns on your next trip.

Comfortable: You can move and walk on the train as per your comfort. Unlike a plane, you have a lot of leg space. You can take your choice food from home and eat on the train. Essential medicines can be kept in the handbag on the train whereas, on a plane, you’re not allowed to take medication without getting permits. Also, using perfumes and sanitisers is not a concern on the train. You won’t have to arrive at the station 2 hours before the timings of the train.

Grants: Concessions are the best for aged people travelling by train. On the app, you can get discounts on train tickets for adults as well. Ticket prices can be adjusted according to your budget on any train of your choice. Online and offline train booking has become easier.

Unlimited luggage: Unlike air travel, you can take as much luggage as you want on a train. Also, you don’t have to wait for the luggage after arrival or wait in the baggage claim area.

Seating Arrangements: You can exchange seats on the train if you’re uncomfortable or if you have got a seat far away from your family. You are not suffocated with a seat belt like in an aeroplane. Kids under age five can travel for free on the train which, also means two people can sleep on a seat comfortably.

Variety: There are specific trains for long-distance travelling, short-distance travelling, non-stop travelling, modern amenities. Indian railways also provide FTQ which, stands for foreign tourist quota. Basically, under FTQ they can book only under first ac (1A) or second ac (2A). Any tickets booked under FTQ may have an additional charge of Rs. 200. The user can make payments through any international card like AMEX, AXIS, or any other credit card or debit card.

Immediate reservation: Immediate reservation is known as “Tatkal” for train ticket booking which means you book your ticket just a day before you want to travel or even on the same day. Tatkal starts from 10 am onwards. That might be a little more expensive than usual but it is also the best for when you need to travel urgently.