The Australia Skilled Immigration process has changed to encourage more migrants to the country. The Australian Department of Home Affairs tweaks the programs to attract global skilled work professionals who boost the Australian economy and often fill positions where local workers are only available.

Down Under is gaining traction due to flexible immigration policies, and immigration to australia from qatar is also on the rise. The expats in Qatar looking for permanent residency and settlement of families consider Australia among the popular options due to quality of life and career growth opportunities. The Skilled stream, with its various subclasses, is crucial in promoting regional development. It provides skills and labour employers need help finding while boosting investment and promoting local spending in regional areas.​

Why Australia Immigration from Qatar

The Australian government aims to invite over 137K skilled immigrants to the country as part of the 2023-24 Migration Program. The country boasts a robust economy and a comparatively small population concerning its vast size, leading to numerous employment prospects. The competitive environment also leads to higher salaries and career growth. The country also has access to advanced educational and healthcare facilities. Its trade agreements with top countries offer ease of business and scope of expansion.

General Skilled Migration Process

There are seven or more skilled migration subclasses in Australia, of which 189, 190, and 491 are popular and grant permanent residency. The consultants help you choose the program based on your profile and credentials. The skilled immigration process involves the following:

Occupation Selection. Identifying relevant jobs in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) that best suit your previous education and work experience.

Skill Assessment: Take the skill assessment from the authorised body to ensure your education and work experience matches Australian standards.

Check Specific Requirements: If you are targeting a Regional Nominated Visa or State Nominated, you can check the list of occupations from the State or Territorial government.

Expression of Interest: Score at least 65 points to submit an Expression of Interest to get an Invitation to Apply. Points are based on age, education, work experience, language ability, etc.

Visa Application: After you receive the state nomination, you can submit a visa application through the Immi account. Provide required documentation for a fast process.

Role of Immigration Consultants in Qatar

Applying for Australian permanent residency through the General Skilled Migration program without expert assistance is challenging. The process can take time and effort due to the strict measures imposed by the DHA. Candidates require experience and knowledge to make the immigration journey easier. They understand your requirements, check your eligibility, select the best Australian Skilled Immigration program for you, handle the application process, arrange documentation, and resolve legal queries.

Therefore, If you have immigration ambitions for Australia, selecting the right migration consultants in qatar is vital. The immigration agency you choose will directly impact the outcome of your case, including whether your visa application is accepted and if you can immigrate to your desired destination. To help save you time, I have compiled a list of the top Australian immigration agencies for you to consider.